Alexander Ross

Investment Director
Illuminate Financial

Current Summit Page

Alexander joined the Illuminate journey early-on to help set-up and launch the first fund. Alexander led our investments in/sits on the board of dv01, enmacc, CloudMargin, ChartIQ and SteelEye, he is also involved with a number of Illuminate’s industry partnerships. Prior to Illuminate, Alexander worked at Bain & Company in the Private Equity and Financial Services practice in the UK, Ireland, South Africa and Nigeria. He focused on commercial due diligence (mainly TMT and FinTech), fund strategy and bank restructuring projects. Prior to this, Alexander worked in the Technology division at JPMorgan, an Agri-food social enterprise in Ghana, and co-founded the online booking system provider, Teamup. Alexander has a Master’s degree (first class honours) in Engineering from the University of Bristol and was an undergraduate research fellow at the University of Texas at Austin.

Alexander is attending / has attended:

Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3
VSVC West 2021

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