Amolak Badesha

CEO / Investor
Sand Hill Angels

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Amolak Badesha is Co-founder and CEO of Orbital Composites – a company with the ultimate vision of large-scale manufacturing in space. Before making it happen in space, Orbital is proving out the technology with terrestrial applications. The company is developing a Large-Scale Robotic Additive Manufacturing platform for polymers, composites and metals targeting verticals like Energy, Aerospace and Infrastructure. Prior to co-founding Orbital, Amolak had a distinguished career in Silicon Valley tech industry leading R&D, Marketing & Sales teams as well as doing Strategy/M&A work at Broadcom and Avago Technologies. Amolak is also passionate about frontier/deep tech and actively invests with Sand Hill Angels and serves as an advisor at Silicon Catalyst, a high-tech accelerator for silicon startups. Amolak also serves on advisory boards of multiple deep-tech startups in Energy, AI and Robotics space.

Amolak is attending / has attended:

The 2017 Mobile Summit
Venture Summit | West 2017
Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global
VSVC West 2021

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