Andrew Meadow

General Partner
Health Innovation Capital

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For over 20 years, Andrew has achieved a significant track record of success within three critical areas of
healthcare innovation: overseeing and advancing novel therapeutics and medical technologies from
inception to NDA approval; executing complex corporate development transactions including capital
formation, alliance management, and acquisitions; and venture finance and initial company creation.
During his tenure with Excelyrate Capital Fund I, Andrew was responsible for: 1) building a pipeline of
potential investment opportunities; 2) expanding and managing syndicate relationships,; 3) creating a
healthcare centric venture portfolio that yielded significant returns to LPs, established a collectionof
investments that are either standard’s of care or best in class within their respective therapeutic areas.
During his tenure, he created a proprietary set of integrated search, evaluation, and risk assessment
methodologies and tools that have received praise within both the entrepreneur and venture
communities. As a Principal investor with Essex Woodlands, the Michigan Economic Development Corp’s
Life Science Venture Fund, and Excelyrate Capital, Andrew’s investing experience includes 12 executed
investments that achieved a collective net cash on cash return for investors of 3.8x and exits that
included 6 IPOs and 3 acquisitions.

Andrew’s tenure as a senior healthcare financial, business development and commercial strategy
executive includes multinational experiences in both Large Cap pharma (Baxter) and rapid growth
venture backed biotech and medtech companies including SkinAxis (SVP Commercial Operations and
Corp. Strategy) and Conceivex, Inc. (Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer). During this
tenure, he was responsible for originating and negotiating several multi-million dollar strategic
partnerships, co-development/marketing alliances, and inorganic pipeline growth initiatives that yielded
significant shareholder value. He was responsible for leading the commercialization of three (3)
products, which grew from $0.00 gross revenues to between $85 to $250M respectively after 18
months of his leadership. As a C-Suite executive, Andrew has successfully led three healthcare
companies to successful M&A exits at significant multiples to EBIDTA.

During his tenure at UBS Warburg, Andrew worked on a number of market leading biotech and medtech
transactions, with over $10 BN in IPO, M&A, and Equity/Debt financing transactions executed.
Andrew is a frequent speaker nationally on such topics as Program Management, New Product Planning,
early stage capital formation strategies, and healthcare commercial innovation strategy. In addition,
Andrew has worked with the National Institute of Health (NIH) and nationally recognized indication
specific advocacy groups.

Andrew lives in downtown Boston and when not enjoying his time with his family is actively traveling to
cross “things” off his ever expanding “Bucket List”.

Andrew is attending / has attended:

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