Ashish Bhatia

Angel Investor

Current Summit Page

Ashish has made several angel investments in startups since 2014. IntelliVision, acquired by Nortek. Authy, acquired by Twilio. Cirrosecure, acquired by Palo Alto Networks. Minjar, acquired by Nutanix. MakeLeaps acquired by Ricoh. Strikedeck acquired by Medallia. Verbling acquired by Busuu. He was a judge and a panelist at Venture Summit West 2019, Startup Battle 144, Startup Battle 152, Private Investor Summit 2019, Startup Battle AI 224, Down To Dash, and Pitch Global pitching events. He blogs about security, books, and programming at
Ashish holds technical advisory roles at multiple startups, Joveo (in San Francisco), Replai (in Berlin), Wemby (in London), Stylework (in New Delhi), and Elucidate (in Berlin)

Ashish is attending / has attended:

Venture Summit | West 2019
Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3
Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global 21

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