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Chris Calder is a Director at EPIC Ventures, where he leads early-stage investments in technology, software, and new media companies. Chris has led or been involved with the firm’s investments in VNDLY, Canopy Tax, Joyent (acquired: Samsung),, Health Catalyst, Simplus, SaltStack, and Orchestrate (acquired: CenturyLink). Chris has also held board positions at VNDLY, Joyent, and Adaptive Computing (acquired: ALA Services).

Prior to working in venture capital, Chris was a member of the founding team at XYDO, an early content aggregation startup. At XYDO Chris held a variety of roles across product, growth, and finance, helping raise two rounds of venture funding and growing the company to over a million users weeks after launch.

Chris serves as Board Vice Chair for the Rocky Mountain Venture Capital Association and is a frequent speaker on the topic of entrepreneurship outside of the Bay Area. He holds an MBA from Wharton and a BS in Management from Brigham Young University.

Chris is attending / has attended:

The 2017 New York Venture Summit

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