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As CEO of RoseRyan, Dave Roberson leads the day to day business and builds upon the firm’s established reputation for guiding companies to greatness. He joined RoseRyan in late 2018 as a member of the executive team and managed key areas of the firm before assuming the role of CEO in 2020.
Prior to joining RoseRyan, Dave spent six years as an advisor to tech companies, leading major projects in the areas of finance, strategy, due diligence, capital structure, corporate governance, sales and human resources. Dave also served as a senior vice president for Hewlett-Packard Co. Before HP, he was president and CEO at Hitachi Data Systems, where he previously held the titles of COO, CFO, CIO and general counsel. Dave has held board positions at over 12 companies and is currently chairman of the board of Push Technology, a global API management company.
Dave received a BA from the University of California at Irvine and a JD from Golden Gate University School of Law. He studied financial management at Harvard Business School. In his spare time, Dave mentors a diverse group of people in various disciplines, from recent college graduates to CEOs.

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