David Kunz

Managing Director & General Partner
Hall Venture Partners

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David Kunz is a Managing Principal and General Partner with Hall Venture Partners (HVP), a Fingle-Family Office Sponsored Growth Venture Capital Fund and a Qualified Opportunity Zone Business Fund (QOZBF). He has extensive experience in corporate development and executive leadership in both the public and private markets. Prior to HVP, David was the CEO/co-founder of ShareNett, a Fin-tech platform/marketplace for Family Offices to co-invest in each other’s sourced investment opportunities. ShareNetts’s platform is an invitation only network of~ 500 global family offices specifically built by family offices for family offices to harness the power of collaboration to source, diligence, manage and invest directly in alternative investment opportunities. David has a history of strong leadership and execution, exemplified by his consistent recognition as a top revenue producer and history of internal promotion, ultimately running the team or group at every company throughout his career.
David has over 20 years in operating experience, business development, leadership, culture development, client acquisition and retention. David’s strong relationship and leadership skills as well as cross organizational development strategies; have a history of revenue growth across Institutional, Angel, UHNW, and Family Office organizations. David’s management and leadership style is as a “Player-Coach,” and he believes the best way to build a winning culture is to lead by example. David has experience as a CEO, General Partner, Principle, Board Member, Head of Investor Relations, Head of Business Development, Institutional Sales, Consultant, Advisor, and Entrepreneur. As a Founder and Operator, he understands first-hand many of the challenge’s CEO’’s and Founder’s face day to day and has experience knowing what works and what doesn’t first-hand. It’s through his own experiences, what he’s leaned from his mentors and coaching other top CEO’s and Founders where David’s found his calling helping empower other leaders to navigate challenges while staying focused on execution building high-growth companies.

In addition to his work in the private sector, David’s is active as a VC judge and mentor for organizations like YoungStartUp, Lendit-Fintech, and a regular webinar contributor on LATOKEN/VCTV and Diffuse, OZWorks Group, OpportunityZoneDB, FIVEMastermind Series Broom Startup, and Crowd Create. David received his BA from Boston University in International Relations with a concentration in Marketing and Economics. He is a FINRA registered representative and holds his 7, 63, 55 and 24. He Co-founded DTG Lacrosse, New York Cities, first, program dedicated to training and development for Youth Lacrosse. After 17 years living in Tribeca, New York City, David, and his family now call Charleston, South Carolina home.

David is attending / has attended:

VSVC West 2021
Venture Summit Virtual Connect 21

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