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Anvil Venture Partners

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Garnet S. Heraman is a seasoned entrepreneur, investor and advisor with 25 years experience in fundraising, venture creation, business strategy and brand development. Mr. Heraman is a founder of Anvil Venture Partners, which provides capital and consulting services to help startups accelerate from seed to scaling.

Previously, he was a founder of Aegis Investment Partners, which provides mezzanine capital for corporate ventures. He founded & exited two Web 1.0 ventures: VentureVortex, a startup services platform merged with Aegis; UVentures, the first vertical exchange for university tech transfer, acquired by UTEK He is an investor in or board member/advisor of multiple successful startups including: Dynepic, TeamUp, MetroButler, Biba Ventures and Urban Trials.

Garnet is attending / has attended:

The 2017 New York Venture Summit
The 2016 New England Venture Summit

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