James Lee

Investment Associate Director

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James Lee is executive director and investment committee at Photonfund.

Photonfund is an early stage, deep tech Venture Capital firm. Focus sector includes deep tech (advance material, semiconductor, quantum), Life Science (therapeutic and rapid diagnosis) and interaction of Tech and Bio. Most favorable stage is Seed to A+ as first intuitional money. Photonfund’s investment thesis is partnering with world-class founders commercializing first-in-class technology; to become our best-in-class limited partners.

James is an engineer by training and an entrepreneur with relentless curiosity. James earned his experience in Silicon Valley as a creator and an operator, and brought numerous innovations into massive production. James learned his empathy for entrepreneurship during his own venture and enjoys working with entrepreneurs solving hard problem. James sits on investment committee at Photonfund focus on activity in North America.

James is attending / has attended:

The 2019 New England Venture Summit
Venture Summit | West 2020
Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global
Venture Summit Virtual Connect 3
VSVC West 2021
Venture Summit Virtual Connect | Global 21
Venture Summit Virtual Connect 21

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