Jay Goss

General Partner
Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health

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Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health is a leading US seed-stage healthcare venture fund (no biotech) based in Los Angeles. The fund is led by healthcare executive John G. Nackel (former head of E&Y’s global healthcare practice and CEO of UnitedHealth Group’s Ingenix Consulting, now Optum) and professional early stage CXO Jay Goss who has worked with dozens of early stage companies. Its investment thesis is that after 40+ years, healthcare is transitioning away from fee-for-service to value-based payments, and with that comes a massive amount of disruption. These disruptions will result in significant clinical, operations and business challenges, and entrepreneurs are already stepping up to solve these problems. The fund’s most significant competitive advantage is the fact that the majority of Wavemaker 360’s Limited Partners (investors) are value-add healthcare executives, helping the fund in three distinct ways: 1) sourcing; 2) evaluating; and 3) commercially support. Fund I (vintage 2018) invested in 32 companies in 2 years. Fund II (vintage 2020) will invest in approximately 50 early stage healthcare companies.

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VSVC West 2021

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