John Parker

Founder and Managing Director
Springhood Ventures

Current Summit Page

John founded Springhood Ventures to invest in the overlooked child health market. Springhood provides critical early investment and support to companies developing important healthcare solutions for children. In parallel to this role, he established and manages the program-related investment (PRI) initiative of the Charles H. Hood Foundation, a Boston-based private foundation that supports pediatric research, where he also serves as a trustee.

John is an observer on the boards of Argus Cognitive, Anida Pharma, Mesentech, Inc., BioROSA Technologies, 149 Medical, Prapela, Inc., Aldatu Biosciences, and Breegi Scientific. He also serves on the advisory boards of multiple nonprofit entities, largely around pediatric health and mission-driven healthcare investing, and a number of pre-launch pediatric-focused startups. He is a frequent speaker on pediatric innovation, investment in child health solutions, and mission investing.

John has a BA from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business.

John is attending / has attended:

VSVC West 2021
Venture Summit Virtual Connect 21

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