Marcia Dawood

Venture Partner
Mindshift Capital

Current Summit Page

Marcia is an investor in over 175 early stage private companies. In addition to her own investing, she is a Venture Partner with Mindshift Capital and a part of the investment committee for Next Wave Impact Fund. She also serves as a board member and advisor to Zive and Misfits Bakehouse. SheEO is an organization Marcia actively supports.

Previously, she was the COO of Portfolia (one of her portfolio companies) as well as a managing partner at BlueTree Capital Group where she was responsible for investment strategy, diligence research and member education. She was also a member of Golden Seeds in NYC and Dallas.

She currently serves as the Vice-Chair of the Board of the Angel Capital Association (ACA) with a co-chair position on the membership and marketing committee. She will become Chair of the Board in July 2021.

Marcia is attending / has attended:

VSVC West 2021

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