Mary Long-Irwin

Executive Director
Northern Ontario Angels

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Mary is currently the Executive Director of Northern Ontario Angels, an organization that matches Entrepreneurs with Angel Investors across Northern Ontario. Under her guidance Northern Ontario Angels was awarded for being the top performing Angel Group across North America with approximately 300 deals with over $130M in private investments.

Mary is a strong community leader and her founder-oriented approach to ecosystem development has been instrumental in NOA’s emergence as a top performing angel group. Under Mary’s leadership, job creation has been strong with over 3600 full-time and part-time new jobs created.

Northern Ontario Angels follows a community-first model in their approach to investment and is a leading example of the impact of angel investors on job creation and economic growth in local communities beyond the major city centers in Canada

Mary also received the NACO’s Lifetime Achievement Award this past year in Calgary at the 2019 World Angel Investment Summit.

Mary is attending / has attended:

The 2018 New York Venture Summit
The 2017 New York Venture Summit
The 2019 New England Venture Summit

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