Miraj Sanghvi


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Miraj is a Principal at DigiTx Partners and comes with over 7 years of data science and operations experience at healthcare and early-stage companies. Before joining the firm, he served as a Senior Data Scientist at VigLink building machine learning models on terabytes of data in a production environment, while managing the data engineering platform. Miraj started his career as a Healthcare Policy Consultant working with Medicare and Medicaid on their Part D prescription drug program and brings additional experience from the healthcare industry having worked at a microbiology lab, as a researcher on a clinical trial, and as a research collaborator contributing on the development of a pediatric risk score. Miraj completed the Specialized Sciences Program at the University of Pennsylvania and holds a B.S. in Economics from Washington University in St. Louis.

Miraj is attending / has attended:

Venture Summit | West 2019

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