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I am recent Santa Clara University graduate with a B.S. in Economics and a minor in Entrepreneurship. I am from Houston, Texas and have previous work experience with the Artemis Fund, the first female-founded Venture fund in Houston that invests in tech-enabled companies led by women that help people build wealth, care for their families, and empower their communities. I am currently working for AiSprouts: We look to invest in pre-seed to seed stage companies that are AI-oriented. My role aside from meeting with founders and sourcing deal flow has been to conduct extensive research on the next verticals that Artificial Intelligence will have its greatest impact in. The future is now.
A fun fact about me is that I am a former member of the Division 1 Men’s Basketball Team at Santa Clara University, and a former member of the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee. I also am the host of the Athletes and Assets Podcast, a podcast that showcases current or former athletes in their respective business endeavors.

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