Robert Hess

Angel Investor
Life Science Angels

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I am an angel investor (>40 angel investments) focusing primarily on Pharma/Biotech, Medtech and B2B SaaS. I am a member of the Life Science Angels (LSA), Band of Angels, and Tech Coast Angels. I currently serve on the Board of Directors for Strategikon Pharma, as a Board Observer for Purissima, and as Chair of the Device and Digital Health committee of Life Science Angels.

Notable Investments include Seal Rock Therapeutics, Stimwave, Strategikon Pharma, Snapwire, Cartogram, Gravyty, Mercato, Noctrix Health, OnScale, Shyft, Promaxo, Valfix, Visgenx, Juicebox,, Tutorfly, DTX Pharma, Queenly, Purissima, Embolyx, BioTrace, Blokable, RoboTire and Eva Commerce.

Previously, I have held both in-house and private practice positions as a patent attorney, primarily prosecuting patents in the biotechnology and medical device fields.

I hold a B.S. in Biochemistry from Cornell University, a Ph.D. in Molecular Biophysics from University of Wisconsin – Madison, and a J.D. from Suffolk University Law School with a concentration in Intellectual Property.

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