Stephen Gilfus

Blackboard Inc.

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Stephen is an education visionary, serial entrepreneur, business leader, and noted software designer and inventor. Gilfus launched a distinguished career as co-founder and inventor of DC based Blackboard Inc. a principal designer of the company’s business, operations, and enterprise platforms.

Stephen is an industry investor, strategic advisor and board member to several start-up ventures and mature companies across the technology spectrum. He is also a venture partner in a number of global education funds and networks.

Gilfus founded the Gilfus Education Group in 2008, a boutique consulting firm servicing Education Institutions, Education Industry Investors and the Entrepreneurs and Companies that serve them.

Stephen is attending / has attended:

The 2018 New York Venture Summit
The 2017 New England Venture Summit
The 2016 New England Venture Summit
The 2019 New York Venture Summit
The 2019 New England Venture Summit

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