Whitney Haring-Smith

Managing Partner
Anzu Partners

Current Summit Page

Whitney Haring-Smith is an entrepreneur and investor focused primarily on industrial businesses. As a Managing Partner at Anzu Partners, he leads the portfolio support functions and has led most of Anzu’s acquisitions.

Previously, Mr. Haring-Smith was a Principal at The Boston Consulting Group where he focused on energy, industrial goods, and globalization. Mr. Haring-Smith was also the co-founder & board chairman of College Abacus, a website that became the “Kayak.com of college financial aid” in the US.

He earned his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees simultaneously from Yale University, magna cum laude, and received his doctorate from Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar from Pennsylvania.

Whitney is attending / has attended:

The 2017 New England Venture Summit
The 2019 New York Venture Summit

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